Next Rung Technology

Technology Development and Commercialization

Next Rung Technology provides expertise and services throughout Technology Development and Commercialization phases.  Whether you need initial investment evaluations and due diligence or assistance the many steps needed to effectively bring a technology from lab scale or prototype status to demonstration and commercial production, Next Rung Technology can help.

Our Technology Development and Commercialization Services include:

  • Technology evaluation and due diligence assessments of commercial potential and readiness of technologies and technology companies;

  • Structured R&D and product development programs including applying Stage-Gate methodologies, cost-out techniques, design for manufacturing and ongoing economic evaluations;

  • Staged scale-up from conceptual, laboratory or bench scale to pilot, demonstration, and commercial production;

  • Engineering definition and technology transfer to the factory floor or to project execution.

  • Team development and leadership to create and lead cross-functional teams in schedule and cost driven programs, where successful execution and quality are non-negotiable requirements;

  • Project development, execution and regulatory compliance with the capability of executing all associated projects and programs within schedule and cost constraints, achieving quality goals and regulatory and permitting compliance


Next Rung Technology’s team has a solid track record of Technology Development and Commercialization across technologies and geographic regions, including:

  • Scaling up manufacturing for a disruptive food production technology that will change the way we think about food;

  • Redeveloping an existing moth-balled manufacturing facility for the production of next generation plastics and materials via non-toxic production routes.

  • Transferring a next generation water treatment technology and manufacturing location (from Mexico to China) to ensure that both seller and buyer value is maintained as part of a multi-national acquisition;

  • Assessing commercial readiness of advanced biofuels and bioenergy technologies as critical component of investment decisions;

  • Taking a forward osmosis and difficult-to-treat wastewater systems from its first commercial facility through full scale-up, comprised of four commercial operating plants by working with the technology development, Oasys Water, and its China based partner, Woteer;

  • Taking the renewable production of platform chemicals (succinic acid as a route to commercial plastics) from lab-scale through piloting, demonstration and first commercial-scale plant in Lake Providence, LA with integrated project teams located in Woburn, MA, Lake Providence LA, and Bad Soden, Germany for Myriant Technologies (now PTT Green Chemicals);

  • Taking the production of cellulosic ethanol from lab-scale through pilot and demonstration scales in Rome, NY with cross-functional R&D and engineering teams from Mascoma Corporation (now Lallemand);

  • Taking cellulosic biofuels and chemicals (levulinic acid and derivatives) from the demonstration scale to first commercial facility in Caserta, Italy for BioMetics / Le Calorie (now GF biochemicals).