Next Rung Technology


Our Success is in helping our clients:

Investing Smart:

Next Rung Technology conducted due diligence on a synthetic bio company for a venture capital firm. After analyzing the company, reviewing their technology with Next Rung's network of industry experts, and visiting their facilities to evaluate their operations, our team advised against investment. determining that their technology wasn't at the necessary level for commercialization

Support Government Investing Decisions:

Next Rung Technology currently conducts due diligence for a federal government agency evaluating multi-million grant applications.

Evolving with the World:

Currently, our team is working on a supply chain manufacturing project for a top automotive systems manufacturer. With an expanding pool of candidates from across the globe, selecting suppliers had turned into a complicated and ad-hoc process. Next Rung is developing an adaptable supplier selection tool and practices to standardize and simplify our client's process.

Smoothing Transitions:

Next Rung has been providing consulting and advising services for an international company with foreign government ownership during the transition period after their acquisition of a water treatment business. 

Next Rung Technology has supported piloting, scaleup and first commercial operations for an industrial biotech developing synthetic animal proteins. During the process, Next Rung determined site requirements, conducted outreach, facilitated introductions, qualified and compared a dozen sites across North America and Europe. Based on costs, capabilities, and the client's needs, Next Rung developed a ranked series of preferred options for expansion of commercial production.  Support is ongoing, as is their successful commercialization program.

Step By Step:

One of Next Rung's newest clients is commercializing innovative  water treatment technologies with several proprietary applications. We are helping the client navigate this competitive industry to get their first pilots in place, ensuring that that technical, commercial and customer acquisition perspectives are taken into account

Pilot Negotiations:

Our client is a water treatment startup on the verge of manufacturing their first full prototypes. Next Rung will be advising them on successfully navigating the move into production by helping them identify manufacturing terms, partners and locations meet their critical technology development and customer milestones.

Beginning the Journey of Manufacturing:

A synthetic bio startup is developing a sustainable alternative to a major consumer product whose current modes of production are unstainable and produce extensive greenhouse gas impacts.   Next Rung Technology is assisting with technical and commercial support for pilot, scaleup and development of early sites for commercial manufacturing.

Growing Against Time:

Next Rung Technology's President, John Ellersick, is a founder of the Blue Incubator, the first oceanfront blue tech incubator on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. The incubator will be enabling blue tech: aquaculture, energy and clean water companies to grow, thrive and survive. Next Rung is helping the incubator by reviewing and writing grants, developing a revenue model, forming partnerships, and signing up inaugural tenants.

Developing the Massachusetts Nest for Blue Tech:

Next Rung's President has extensive experience in the biotech industry, having led the scaleup and execution of major bioindustrial programs for platform chemicals, biofuels and other bio-based technologies. Next Rung Technology has confirmed the need for an industrial biotech pilot, scaleup and commercialization in the Northeastern United States (likely Massachusetts) and is in the partnering, funding and project development phases.  This facility would provide much-needed services for synthetic biotech companies in the Northeast and New York, turning Massachusetts into a truly comprehensive biotech capital, embracing both pharma and industrial biotech applications.

Developing the New Capital for Industrial Biotech: