Next Rung Technology

Our Team


John P. Ellersick, P.E. PMP, Founder

As a chemical engineer, entrepreneur and organizational leader with over 25 years of experience, John has been at the forefront of taking technologies from idea to full scale execution. He has dedicated his career solving some of the world’s most pervasive environmental challenges. John is adept at distilling complex problems into manageable and scalable solutions, applying his skills to a range of clean-tech applications, including the treatment of toxic industrial wastewater, waste minimization and commercialization of biofuels. John founded Next Rung Technology as a company where like-minded and talented staff work together with clients to achieve the commercialization of technological and process solutions that can address the urgent global climate, energy, population and food challenges facing current and future generations.


Herve Garant, PhD, Principal Consultant

As a biochemical engineer with over 25 years experience, Herve has been a leader in process development, engineering and plant deployment for some of the most prominent emerging sustainable energy companies in the world. He has used his deep technical knowledge and business acumen to help companies cost-effectively innovate and excel. Herve joined Next Rung Technology in 2018 to assist clients with technology development and commercialization, as well as R&D and processes development, execution, and management.


Linda Rauch, P.E. - Engineering Practice Leader

Linda is a chemical and environmental engineer with over two decades of experience tackling complex process design, construction, commissioning, operation and manufacturing challenges. Her work ranges from developing a conceptual design for a commercial scale algae-based biorefinery to helping to commercialize and rapidly deploy a novel wastewater to energy technology. Linda joined Next Rung Technology in early 2019 to lead its engineering efforts and share her knowledge and passion for sustainability.

Leah Stahmann, P.E. - Engineering Consultant

As an experienced process engineer in water treatment and other environmental technologies, Leah has worked on projects from Ghana to Boston to Colombia. She has worked collaboratively with businesses of all sizes as well as nonprofit organizations to deliver products that improve life quality and the environment. Leah joined Next Rung Technology in early 2019 to help clients with their engineering challenges and opportunities.



Silvia Hernandez - Business Development Associate

Silvia is a globe trotter with a degree in finance and entrepreneurship and a passion for sustainability. She has lived, worked and studied in Venezuela, China, New Zealand, Mexico, and the United States. She joined Next Rung Technology in 2018 to support business functions for the company and clients.