Next Rung Technology


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Water Technologies

Conventional and developing technologies in water purification, supply, and the treatment of contaminated wastewater streams.


With experience in renewable feedstock based production of fuels and platform chemicals from biomass sources

Energy & Chemicals

With experience in developing varying routes to energy and chemicals production from hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon sources, and major processing equipment including biomass handling, distillation, and utilities.

Environmental Applications

Groundwater, wastewater, and contaminated air pollution treatment projects.

Industrial Biotechnology

For the production of fuels and platform chemicals, with major industrial scale fermentation systems and their ancillary systems (CIP, SIP, nutrients, RO, demin, wastewater treatment etc)

Pharma / Biotech

Engineering and project support for biological systems including pilot systems, all supporting utilities (water, air, etc), fermentation, etc.

Sustainable Food, Fabrics

As produced in sterile environments, biologically or in other manners.