Next Rung Technology

Manufacturing Sourcing and Scaleup

Next Rung Technology can help with every aspect of your manufacturing efforts, including sourcing and scaleup from domestic and/or international suppliers. Our knowledge of high quality domestic, European, Indian and Chinese suppliers for systems and components is unparalleled.

Our Manufacturing Sourcing and Scaleup services include:

  • Supply and offtake partner development – supplier and partner development and agreements, contracts negotiation, supply chain integration and continuous improvement programs;
  • Supply Chain Development and Optimization – structured qualifications processes for identifying, qualifying and onboarding suppliers domestically and internationally including component and full sub-systems / system suppliers;
  • Fabrication shop selection and oversite – covering fully shop fabricated systems including processing equipment, utilities, water treatment and power supply / management domestic and internationally; and
  • Low cost engineering and manufacturing – engineering and manufacturing partner qualification and execution in low cost regions including Mexico, India, China.

Next Rung Technology has extensive experience with the following type of manufacturing challenges:

  • Identifying domestic and international engineering and programming contractors and partnerships, including low cost manufacturing locations (Mexico, India, China);
  • Establishing domestic and international manufacturing facilities while conforming with regulatory requirements and permitting;
  • Developing and sourcing full Bill of Materials for products, sub-systems and PLC controlled skid-based systems;
  • Reaching win-win solutions when negotiating supply agreement and contracts; and
  • Implementing continuous improvement and six-sigma programs.