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Next Rung was founded by John Ellersick, an entrepreneur, Chemical Engineer, and organizational leader with over 25 years of experience developing technologies in the energy, renewables, water treatment and environmental sectors. 

As a member of the senior management team of various global technology companies, John was struck by how often he saw very different and diverse organizations facing similar challenges with technology development, scaleup, commercialization and manufacturing.  A self-described “roll up your sleeves” and get it done kind of leader, John would take on the most vexing problems, often finding himself in the lab or on the manufacturing floor putting in place the structures and building the cohesive teams that are critical to the success of emerging technologies. 

Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable technologies to address our global climate, energy, population and food challenges, John founded Next Rung Technology to help share his hard-earned knowledge and accelerate the commercialization of technological solutions.  Next Rung Technology is based in Greentown Labs, the country's largest business incubator for CleanTech.


Next Rung Technology provides high value consulting and execution services to advance next generation, sustainable technologies from concept to commercialization. 

From advisory services to full integration with your core teams, Next Rung Technology has real world success shepherding technologies from early development through scaleup, manufacturing and commercialization.

Our experience has taught us that even the most promising technology can be derailed by unclear expectations, particularly related to schedule, cost and quality standards.  Next Rung Technology works at every step of the value chain to minimize obstacles that typically threaten a technology from reaching its full market potential.

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